Clean Air Southampton has been created to provide a space where people can share ideas, events and research which will help us all work together towards less polluted air in the City. It is being supported by Liz Batten of Transition Southampton, Colin Macqueen of Western Docks Consultation Forum and Mandi Bissett of The Southampton Collective.

To make contact, please go to our Facebook page, Clean Air Southampton

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5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I recently participated in an informal meeting with ABP’s Head of Environment and Sue Simmonite of ABP which included some discussion of shore-to-ship electricity. As I recall there are serious practical problems around the cost and size of the connectors (there is no standard for the ship side) and the extra load that will be put (albeit temporarily) on the connection to the national grid. ABP have also considered/are considering using a power-station-on-a-barge, technology unspecified.


    1. Hi Bob, thanks for your comments. We have had a similar meeting with similar comments being made. Hopefully, the UK will catch up with other ports around the world (including those in Europe) and regulate port emissions and electrification, to avoid any loss of business by any individual port. You can keep in touch with us via our Facebook page, our Twitter feed (@dieselsnorter) and via cleanairsouthampton.com. Kind regards, Liz Batten


  2. I have run a car on LPG for the last 4 years and live in Southampton. LPG is very much cleaner than either petrol and certainly diesel. There were two stations serving LPG in Southampton at Calor Gas depot on Millbrook Rd and Shell at Swaythling. Neither now provide LPG since smaller Calor stopped doing it and then Shell removed their LPG tank. I wrote and complained to Shell who sent me this reply yesterday:

    “We have had to remove the LPG tank from Swaythling as it was restricting the exit for our HGV customers since we have extended the store. This was given a lot of thought but it was the only feasible option we had to sort the issue. LPG is still available at our site in Winnall near Winchester and we are also looking at alternative sites in the Southampton area. ”

    So a multi-billion pound oil company sees it as acceptable for drivers living in a major city of over quarter million residents to drive 14 miles to another city to purchase LPG rather than inconvenience hugely polluting diesel HGVs. Is my city council aware of this attitude from this major company operating in their jurisdiction and, if so, why have they not challenged this action by Shell which will discourage those drivers who could potentially assist the council in losing their tag of being one of the worst cities in the country for air pollution?


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