Time to get started

Smogmobile Liz Colin

The air in Southampton is polluted from many sources:

  • cruise ships and container ships
  • lorries, buses and taxis
  • cars and vans
  • oil refinery
  • power stations and incinerators
  • airport
  • motorway
  • emissions from Europe
  • domestic heating
  • railway engines

The removal of diesel engines in all their forms would make a big difference to the air we breathe. The future health of Southampton’s citizens will benefit from measures taken now to combat the adverse effects of chemicals emitted by diesel engines.

This is a place to share ideas and commentaries which will help us develop a vision of how we can achieve a City with healthier air.

Contact us on: cleanairsouthampton at gmail.com or @dieselsnorter

Find us on Facebook too

2 thoughts on “Time to get started”

  1. Good luck with your campaign in Southampton. Here in Sydney (at White Bay) our State Government approved a cruise ship terminal in the middle of a high density family community in 2009; against huge community opposition, against local Council policy and against expert advice! Unbelievable that decisions like this could be made in 2009; by overriding communities and their elected local bodies. The terminal opened in 2013 and we have had relentless impacts of air pollution, noise and ship vibrations for four years. The impacts never stop. We campaigned strongly that this was the wrong place for a terminal but government would not listen. It is absurd that governments fail to understand that cruise ships have a high impact on nearby residential communities and on the quality of the local environment. As such, terminals need to be located and designed so that impacts are minimised and where they can conduct their business freely without distressing communties.


    1. Thanks John. Local politicans don’t have any powers over the situation, and when residents go to court they get overruled (see the Enderby Wharf judgement). Here in Southampton we have a fait accomplis – a huge container and cruise port where further development is supported in the name of “economic prosperity”. We question that assumption and moves are afoot to do a proper analysis of the real costs and benefits of having so much shipping and all its associated traffic, etc so close to where people live.


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